Grow-up your Dino to smash your enemies and save maximum number relatives.

A simple app that draws 3D graphs graphics of customizable mathematical functions.

Try to overcome all obstacles in the maze and find all keys to unlock portals.

Demo with house interior. Ambient Occlusion, Progressive Shaders, LightShafts and more.

The bee carries the nectar into the hive. Collect honey in the and open different bee skins.

Crush zombies, explore large map and find quests weapons, vehicles and more.

Play with your team on different arenas and customize characters. Play with friends on single device.

And many other desktop and mobile games and applications that we are simply unable to provide due to NDA.


Learn about the life of B’Bop, Hop, Lyssa and Noe and play their favourite games.

Interactive Sandbox - is a kinect app that uses a projector to create a game on a real sandbox!